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    Perma-Liner™ Technology

    What is PermaLiner

    PermaLiner makes old pipes new again with minimal digging!

    We have tremedous savings over conventional pipe replacement techniques because less digging equipment and personel is needed. We are one of the first companies in Pittsburgh to offer Perma-Liner™, zero dig technology.

    Pipes PermaLiner Can Repair

    2"-8" pipe diameters and pipes even longer than 120 feet.

    5"-8" diameter pipes that are 600 feet or longer in length.

    This minimal digging technology allows us to only require one access point to the pipe, and is installed through clean-outs or open end pipes.

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    Why Permaliner?

    Perma-Lateral is the best selling small diameter pipeline repair system in North America. The repairs can last as long as 50 years. Perma-Liner permanently bonds to the pipe material and permanently prevents root growth. Because minimal amount of digging is needed with PermaLiner Technology, less equipment is needed to repair your pipes.

    Features of Perma-Liner Technology

    How It Works

    We use Perma-Lateral, which uses an inflatable bladder to line the damaged pipe. The bladder is expanded and cured. Afterwards, the bladder is permanently bonded to the pipe and the repair is complete.

    How Long It Takes

    The Perma-Lateral liners can dry in as fast as 3 hours. PermaLiner Technology is one of the fastest technologies on the planet that helps us quickly and affordably repair your old or damaged pipes.

    Perma-Lateral History

    The Perma-Lateral Lining System was developed in 1999. Our knowledge of the technology is one of the best in western Pennsylvania, Allegheny County, and the surrounding regions.

    Click here to go to the Perma-Liner™ website to learn more about these great technologies we use.

    We are very excited to offer using Perma-Liner™ technology because of the tremendous savings for our customers, as a result from being able to reline damaged pipes with minimal digging.

    Perma-Lateral™ is a Perma-Liner™ technology which allows for the relining of damaged pipe systems without the need for extensive digging.

    Click here to learn more about Perma-Lateral™ on the Perma-Liner website.