When your residential or commercial sewer line backs up in the Pittsburgh area, a multitude of issues can occur. If you’re concerned about the cost of Perma-Liner, Krupp Whitney can give you ease of mind. We offer a drain cleaning and FREE camera inspection for only $79!

Perma-Liner Technology

Our Perma-Liner helps makes old pipes new again with minimal digging. Because of this, your necessary repairs are quicker, less expensive, and, as a result, less stressful on you. Remember, Pittsburgh and many of its suburbs, whether it’s Upper St. Clair or Pittsburgh’s Northside and Southside, have homes that that have been around for generations. That means sewer lines, storm drains and water carrying infrastructure are ready for improvement or repairs. And Perma-Liner is the ideal solution!
Perma-Liner is the most effective way of fixing any problems with your pipes. It can fix cracked pipes and sewers and even connect pipes that have missing sections. It also eradicates the worries of roots busting into the pipes or storm water leaks.
Before Perma-Liner, which was developed in 1999, a damaged sewer would require digging up your yard and possibly even your driveway and other structures where the pipes ran under. Now, with Perma-Liner, these pipes can now look and function as if they’re brand new and last for a minimum of 50 years. As one of the first companies in the Pittsburgh area to implement the use of Perma-Liner technology, our knowledge and expertise are second-to-none.
We use Perma-Lateral to fix all of your small pipe problems. This system uses an inflated bladder to line the damaged pipe. The bladder is expanded and cured. Afterwards, the bladder is permanently bonded to the pipe and the repair is complete. All of this is generally done in one day and the liners can dry in as little as three hours. Because of the quick process, we save you time and money.

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Zero-Dig Pipe Repair Technology

In order to verify that installation was done properly, we insert a camera from an access point into the pipe to inspect it.
The inspection satisfies two objectives:

  • To ensure the integrity of your new sewer drain
  • Many municipalities now require a visual inspection of sewer lines before a home can be sold.

Peace of mind for homeowners and homebuyers!

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